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vegetable knife triangle

Artikel-Nr: 76 175 06 00, length/dimension: 6.0 cm,
Brand: Triangle, Article category: Knife set, Brand line: knife, Knife shape: Vegetable knife

The vegetable knife triangle is especially suitable for peeling fruits or vegetables

The beak-shaped blade of the vegetable knife triangle® adapts to every curve. Thanks to the bent blade, the vegetable knife triangle® removes very thinly the peel, so that none of the vitamins, which are located just under the peel, are lost.

Fruit and vegetables can not only be peeled by the vegetable knife triangle®, but also be decorated. The vegetable knife triangle® is made from ice-hardened, stainless, high quality steel and is sharpened by hand in Solingen. Thanks to the spirit handle of polypropylene, the vegetable knife triangle® is dishwasher safe. 

vegetable knife triangle

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