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knife block wasabi equipped

Artikel-Nr: 6799, length/dimension: 23.5x13x22 cm,
Brand: Kai, Article category: Knife block, Brand line: Wasabi

The knife block wasabi equiped accommodates 8 knives

The knife block wasabi equipped accommodates 8 knives. The oiled knife block wasabi equipped made from oak wood is demountable so that the knife shafts can easily be cleaned.

This knife block wasabi is equipped by the following knives:

Wasabi Black 6710P utility knife: 10 cm long blade
Wasabi Black 6715U utility knife: 15 cm long blade
Wasabi Black 6710D Deba knife: 10,5 cm long blade
Wasabi Black 6715D Deba knife: 15 cm long blade
Wasabi Black 6716S Santoku knife: 16,5 cm long blade
Wasabi Black 6716N Nakiri knife: 23 cm long blade
Wasabi Black 6720C Chef's knife: 20 cm long blade
Wasabi Black 6724Y Yanagiba knife: 24 cm long blade

This knife block wasabi equipped is also available as Wasabi knife block without the knives and can be ordered by the item number 6600-BN.

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knife block wasabi equipped

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