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Wasabi Yanagiba knife

Artikel-Nr: 6724Y, length/dimension: 24 cm,
Brand: Kai, Article category: Knives, Brand line: Wasabi, Knife shape: Japanese knife

Wasabi Yanagiba knife traditional Japanese knife for fish and meat

The Wasabi Yanagiba knife is characterized by its long and slim blade. Like this the Wasabi Yanagiba knife guarantees a clean and smooth cutting.

Traditionally the Wasabi Yanagiba knife is used in Japan for all tasks around fish and meat. The single-edged Wasabi Yanagiba knife is especially liked for Sushi and Sashimi cooking.

Yanagiba is Japanese language and means willow-leaf-blade. The knife got its name thanks to its special shape because its slim and pointed blade reminds of a willow leaf.

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Wasabi Yanagiba knife

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