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Wasabi Nakiri

Artikel-Nr: 6716N, length/dimension: 16.50 cm,
Brand: Kai, Article category: Knives, Brand line: Wasabi, Knife shape: Nakiri

Wasabi Nakiri: Japanese vegetable knife

The Wasabi Nakiri is the Japanese vegetable knife. The large and rounded blade of the Wasabi Nakiri can be used as a spatula.

The Wasabi Nakiri is suitable for all those who like to prepare a fresh WOK menu with a good knife.

Expert advice
To ensure a professional guidance of the knife, please press the thumb of your left hand (for right handers) and your small finger together whilst bending the middle fingers so that the Wasabi Nakiri knife can easily glide along the fingers area. This minimizes the risk of injury.


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Wasabi Nakiri

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