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POTT Knives & Cutlery

POTT fabricates at the manufacture Mettmann exclusive cutlery, knives and accessoires in a masterly way. The cutlery of POTT is made from silver and stainless steel.

Sarah Wiener knife POTT 33 Cutlerycheese knifeProduction of POTT knives
Sarah Wiener knife POTT 33 Cutlerycheese knifeProduction of POTT knives

The latest masterpiece of POTT are the Sarah Wiener knives: The Sarah Wiener knives which are perfect in form are like every POTT knife, according to the motto " handmade is best", fabricated  from high quality steel in 90 manual work steps. The handle of the Sarah Wiener knives is made from plum wood and shapely treatened.

"Every shape implies the form of a thought": This statement of Carl Pott reveals how thoroughly he grapple with his designs. With the cutlery series POTT 33 Carl Pott created a linear classic. With this new disgn he wanted to produce a practical enlarging of the 5-tined fork so that sauces and little vegetables can be carried easier.

This tipical width is used for many other POTT cutleries, which can be found in todays noble tableware as well as for the childrens cutlery POTT bonito made from sterlig silver and stainless steel. Also children would like to eat, like adults, with their own cutlery. And when they are grown up the pieces can be used as butter knife, pastry fork or muesli spoon.

The unique design of Ralph Krämer for the Parmesan knife Picado revealed the fact how good Parmesan cheese tastes when it is freshly quarried out of the loaf. The Parmesan knife Picado is in combination with the cheese knife Formado a hommage to all cheese lovers.

At the product range of POTT a cooking and design aficionado will find as well many more original gift ideas, which show the exemplary role POTT plays in the developpement of modern tableware.

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