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mono cutlery & accessoires

mono cutlery and accessoires are characterized by high design standards. Original, shapely and useful the mono cutlery and accessoires reflect the fascination of good shapes.

mono produces for generations at the manufacture Mettmann with manual perfection and timeless aesthetics table cutlery and table accessoires. Awarded by various design prizes (reddot design award, DeisgnPlus and others) many products of mono are exposed in museums like iF Hannover, Philadelphia Museum of Art or Museum of Modern Art New York.

Pioneer for a new product culture
Designers like for example Prof. Peter Raacke, whose design for the mono-a cutlery made history, work closely with mono. When the mono-a cutlery came 1959 to the market it met exactly the taste of a new generation.

Tea ceremonial the mono way
New thinking, sovereign creating, intelligent enjoyment. Mono-ellipse represents elegance, dynamics and innovation. The first worldwide: a heat resistant borosilicate glass with an asymmetric shape (round at the top, elliptic at the bottom). The tray is printed by silicone and protects and isolates like this optimally.

Actual themes about mono cutlery & accessories